Environmental Policy


At Service Print Ltd we recognise the impact of printing and the need of a greener and sustainable environment. All employees are made fully aware of their obligation to apply the practices and procedures to ensure protection of the environment.

Eco Friendly Woodland Trust Certification

Eco Friendly Woodland Trust

Carbon Capture No. 18089900462

Part of our commitment to a more greener environment, our partnership with the Carbon Capture Scheme supports the Woodland Trust to provide a tangible, long lasting demonstration of our commitment to the environment for all to see.

We offer sustainable printing which helps establish:

  1. The future safety of wildlife habitats
  2. Green spaces for relaxation and enjoyment
  3. A cleaner sustainable environment


Environmental Impact

We are always attempting to reduce all forms of our wastage from paper to technology efficiency to improve our performance of a better environment.



To recycle any paper wastage where possible and to recycle all ink and toner cartridges.



All our papers we buy and use are either FSC or PEFC certified and Carbon Captured.


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