Do you want to promote a wide range of products or services? Well if you do, brochures are the perfect way to display your producs and services. 

Our brochures are saddle stitched, the covers are usually printed onto 160/170gsm but we can go up to 250gsm covers to provide a nice, rich and thick premium cover while the inside is printed onto 120gsm/160gsm depending on the page quantity. The thinner inside pages is a durable high quality paper but it helps differentiate itself from the cover giving the cover a lasting appeal on first touch to your customers.

Below are the pages ranges your stapled brochures can be printed and all must be a multiple of 4 to make the pagination work correctly.

4pp, 8pp, 12pp, 16pp, 20pp, 24pp, 28pp, 32pp, 36pp & 40pp

We can also provide other styles and finishes upon request.


Order of service printing is a form of brochure for weddings and funerals.

We provide 2 options, the first option is a very cheap, quick and affordable option which is saddle stitched and printed with a white border around the edge. The second option is the full brochure printing process and will is the more expensive option with a slower turn around time.

Our cheap order of service option is printed onto either 100gsm,120gsm or 160gsm paper through out the entire brochure, for further information, please contact us below.


T: 020 3176 6878 


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